Small Tree of Life Bowl

Small Tree of Life Bowl


By Jodi Vittitoe

“The Tree of Life is an element of expression I use to connect with Irish and Swedish roots.  . Trees a a part of my soul. I climbed them as a young girl and as an adult I incorporate them often, literally or figuratively, into my work.”

The design on this bowl was created using a technique called mishima. It originated in Japan and used world wide today. created with this method is hand built and hand etched by Ms. Vittitoe. The piece is then coated with slip or under-glaze and forced into the etched grooves with a rib or sponge. All coating that is not pressed into the grooves is wiped away, leaving the etched image.

Black and White porcelain etched and relief design bowl. This bowl has handles made from branches of a neighborhood tree. The bowl is decorative only.

White Stoneware clay body

Hand wash only

Woman owned business

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