Up In Smoke Alternative Firing Method Workshop

I attended the best workshop. It was incredible. I learned so much and met some very cool people. I’m so glad I was able to go. It was put on by Up In Smoke. A local potter’s studio in Sioux Falls. The couple, Chad and Kiesha Dykstra could not have been more open and knowledgable. Chad has been featured in technical and ceramic magazines on an international level and included as an expert on panels for the obvara method. Obvara was just one that we went through. Obvara, sagar, paper sagar and pit firing. I took a lot of pictures and notes. I can’t wait to mix up some Terra Sigilatta and do a pit fire.

One of the best parts, beside the learning, was the people. What a great group. What fun to hang out with the Clark’s, Tom and Wanda too. I was the only participant from Sioux Falls. It was good to get to know some other potters. Chad and Kiesha are very professional and made learning fun. They were generous with their knowledge of technique, method and experience. That is a rare find in the world of potters in South Dakota. Lunch was delicious including the kale salad! We had pizza for supper by the fire pit.

Thank you Up in Smoke Pottery and Dakota Potters Supply for an amazing weekend.



Jodi VittitoeComment