The first Falls Art Market of the season.

The first Falls Art Market of the season was yesterday. There was a variety of work. Painters, jewelers, another potter besides myself, a wood worker, a rug maker and many more. It started out with a mist in the air and ended with perfect outdoor weather. Not too hot, no rain.

The response to my work was encouraging. I continue to get a thrill when other people like my work and tell me what they think. Sales were up from last year. My new color choices were well received. The potheads got some laughs and a few went off to a new home. One gentleman gave my air plant people a new name. He asked, “If those are potheads those shouldn’t these be air heads?” I think that is a great idea. Several people recognized them from Carla’s Flower Farm. Only a few of each remain, so I will be making more.

Lot’s of people loved the sgrafitto work but only a few purchases. I traded a platter , onion plate, an air head, and a bowl for a eclectic original woman dreaming collage by Amy, a beautiful purple bowl by Sonya, a vibrant alive coy fish print by Kali, and a rug by Arlene, respectively . Each piece will be treasured by me. There was a lot of talent and creative work at the Market. I’m glad I made some trades because 3 of the artists will not be back next month.

Many people were very interested in the butter bells but I didn’t sell any. They are elaborate, require more time to make but I love creating them. I’m not going to give them away. I may make some plain ones, no sgrafitto, and sell at a lower price. I’m curious.. Is it the price, or disbelief that you can keep butter out on your counter for 30 days with out it going rancid.

Jim was there to lend a hand and pitch a sale in his quirky manner that only Jim can do. He helped a lot on Friday too. It was raining Friday so it freed up a lot of his time as luck would have it for me.

Back to the studio. Life is good.