Falls Art Market and new ideas.

The Falls Art Market went very well. Thank you to all who came out to support the arts. It was good to see more artists and the number of people attending grow. There was a lot going on last weekend and it means a lot that people took time out to come and see what’s new and watch the bronze pour.. I would like to thank my son for helping me load up and unload back at the studio. Jim was out of town last weekend. The next Art Market will be August 24th. Hope to see you there.

I am VERY excited about the results for the South Dakota clay harvest. I made 3 test samples with DPS clay to make it more plastic. 25/75, 50/50, and 75/25. They all came out FANTASTIC. I will be using a 75% SD clay mix. Thank you Angie for the source. More about this from the studio after I clean the harvest.

My cousin was in town. We were in the studio and she was checking out The new glaze design and the “Air Heads”. I am featuring a picture of the idea she gave me for some new ones with this post. These are still green. I need to start writing down all the ideas that come to mind.

Take care and enjoy the remains of the summer. Again, see you in August.

Jodi VittitoeComment