Every year I learn something new.

I have always had a garden. Even in my little apartment on Walts, in Sioux Falls. Some have been big, and some have been small. Here on Mulberry St. I would call it medium size but big on color, variety and produce.

This year I experimented with vertical gardening. I have been told I can not dig up the entire yard and turn it into garden space. Doesn’t make sense to me, but sometimes in marriage you have to compromise. Needless to say, vining plants like cucumbers, melons and squash have a huge footprint on the ground. So the past few years I just didn’t grow them. My basic garden plan is salsa plants, kale, lettuce, spinach etc. I have herbs and perennial flowers together. Some of my plants have come all the way from my garden in Mission, SD. All of the annual vegetables and flowers are from seed and Carla’s Flower Farm. I could post a hundred pictures and write a million words, but neither you or I have the time.

Last winter I came across a video from Roots and Refuge Farm. It opened up the idea of all new possibilities.


I can’t believe how well it is working! I learned a lot. Next year peas will be in front of my beautiful perennial sedum instead of cakes. They just crowded out the view. Peas are thinner, they won’t crowd out the Sedum. (On a side note, years ago my daughter in law told me that as long as they can keep growing up, peas will continue to produce. Well it’s August and I’m still getting peas on the vertical garden!)

I also learned that zucchini do not like to grow vertically. The bare spot on one trellis once had a thriving zucchini plant until I started tying it to grow up. Live and learn.

Tomorrow is the Falls Art Market. New “Air Heads” will be coming out of the kiln after cooling down today. Jim, my husband, will be here to help me this time. Yeah! If you are in the area, I hope to see you there.

Sat. August 24th, 1110 Weber, BronzeAge Art Foundry, 8:30 to 1:00, for art lovers of all kinds.

May your crops be bountiful and your endeavors be successful. Back to the studio.

Make art part of your life every day.

Jodi Vittitoe