The Journey to Here

     You are never too young to appreciate art and never too old to begin again. Drawings and sketches from daily life and travel are transferred to clay. Success and failure both build on projects yet to come. Not everything I make is art, not all my work makes it to this website, but everything I do has a purpose, is part of a journey. I do not consider myself a production potter. Some fo the things I make are very similar. They could be assembled for a table settings or stand alone. Some are wheel thrown, some are hand-built. I often work in a series of pieces, investigating how far or well an idea can be developed. Work is done in a variety of clay bodies, techniques, and firing methods.

   I was first introduced to pottery and the ceramic arts as a young girl living in Montana. My mother and older sister took me and my younger sister along to galleries and ceramic studios. Our feet clapped along the old boardwalks of revitalized mining towns. We wandered in and out of weather -worn store fronts. The interiors had been turned into galleries full of pottery glazed and gleaming like treasures on their shelves. It is then that my love of clay began. It is where my adventures in art began. 

    I have attended universities, (MFA), and I have taught at universities, Ceramics,Sculpture, Design, and Printmaking. My skills in wax chasing, mold making and foundry work have kept me employed in the field of art for over 30 years. Today I produce my own work, and only my work. It has been a long road of discovery, sacrifice and hard work. I wouldn't change a thing. I value the experience and camaraderie I found on the path to here. Each job outside my studio has contributed in some way to the work I do today.  

   Today every time I wedge a ball of clay, the adventure is in my hands. The studio is where the work can take shape, rooted in history, curiosity, education and play. There is always something new to discover.

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